My Platform

The Challenge – Why do we need to do it?

  • Defining the role of grassroots policy development in the context of a new  membership and a new constitution.
  • Finding common ground in vastly diverse geographies, cultures, languages and priorities.
  • Enhancing citizen engagement into a political movement with which he/she will constantly identify.

The Approach – What do we need to do?

  • Create an end-to-end process which has multiple levels of engagement, from the mere interest to the fully engaged, both in research and detailed policy development.
  • Create the teams that will take charge of each of these levels of engagement and ensure the proper hand-offs between the levels.
  • Create the tools necessary to manage the end-to-end process.

The Elements of Design – How will we do it?

  • A focus on technology as part of the toolkit.
  • Strong input from grassroots, experts and academia to enhance understanding of issues for the citizen, and not to obfuscate.
  • Citizen fora, whether physical or virtual as the primary fertile ground for ideas, and to reclaim the language of debate.

I will need your support and all your creative energy to contribute to this great team effort.

Vote for me, because for me, your ideas come first.

Dear Delegates of the Winnipeg 2016 LPC Convention,

I am proud to solicit your support for the position of National Policy Chair.