My Message to the Delegates

Dear delegates,

The Winnipeg convention is now behind us and you have spoken.  The clear winner of the position of National Policy Chair is David Hurford and I congratulate him and his team for a well-executed campaign.  I want to as well congratulate Lindsay Amantea and her team for the excellent campaign that they ran.

Special thanks go to my IDEAS campaign team who rallied around our theme and demonstrated their commitment to what we stood for.  Without you we could not have done what we did.  We literally touched the minds of hundreds and no one who came in contact with our concept was left indifferent.

To all those who visited our campaign table and exchanged their idea for their unique gift, I say thank you.  Thank you for sharing your mind and thoughts with me.  IDEAS matter, because you do; and because movements always start from IDEAS.  Thank you for your support to my campaign.  But thank you mostly for your future support to our party through your contribution of your IDEAS.

I have assured David of my full cooperation and commitment to make him and his team a success.  You can count on me.  Yes, better is always possible, and together we are better.

Heres my last farewell photo of the campaign.

Viken L. Attarian, P.Eng. MSc. MBA


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Dear Delegates of the Winnipeg 2016 LPC Convention,

I am proud to solicit your support for the position of National Policy Chair.