Biographical Notes

Viken is a Liberal of over twenty years and engaged in policy development for over a decade. He is a member of the LPC-Q Policy Commission since 2005; was elected its Chair for two consecutive mandates in 2012 and 2014.  He is the author and editor of numerous party policies, many of which made it into the recent platform and ministerial mandates.

Some other things you should know about Viken:

  • The world’s most technologically innovative school is the Tumo Center. Viken was one of its founders.
  • There was a time when telecommunications was a strict monopoly in every province with one operating company; businesses suffered tremendously. Viken’s team helped change that; he worked for over a decade to bring full competition into Canada.
  • If you think that it’s cool to keep your phone number when changing service providers, you should know that Viken is one of those who made it happen by working in the CRTC Interconnection Committee.
  • Years before the proliferation of high-speed Internet and advanced services, Viken designed and built Canada’s first transcontinental high-speed multimedia business network for Pratt & Whitney Canada.
  • The CRTC has recognized Viken for his significant contribution to the Canadian telecom industry.
  • For over 7 years, Viken was a regular panelist on the current affairs program The Link of Radio Canada International.
  • An on-air fundraiser, Viken has raised hundreds of thousands in US$ for PBS stations.
  • Viken is admitted into the Mensa Society.
  • Viken is decorated with HM QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal.
  • Viken started his Canadian career as a system engineer with Manitoba Telephone Systems in Winnipeg.
  • While it’s great to be fluently bilingual, Viken is fluently hexa-lingual and speaks three more languages. Nine in total.
  • Viken implemented the first ever webcast and interactive policy prioritization workshop in the LPC, which was used to submit resolutions to this convention.
  • Viken has lived, studied and worked on three continents. He held senior managerial positions in Canada’s top hi-tech companies including Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier Transportation, Nortel Networks and CSC.
  • His MBA thesis correctly predicted over ten years in advance and in great detail the impact of interactive video technology on education markets and universities.
  • Viken is a published author of poetry, essays and socio-political commentary. He has lectured in many North American cities as well as at Columbia U. in NY City and Georgetown U. In Washington DC.
  • Viken is an internationally recognized scoutmaster (Wood Badge) and specializes in the construction of large structures (over 40 ft. high) with logs, knots and rope weavings.

Viken has the technical know-how and the detailed plan on how to move the policy process into the next level for our 2019 victory.

Vote for Viken, because for him, ideas come first.

Dear Delegates of the Winnipeg 2016 LPC Convention,

I am proud to solicit your support for the position of National Policy Chair.